Open Road Adventure with My Girlfriend

Hi there!

It’s been a while since I posted on My Grateful Journey.  The journey didn’t stop, rather  it’s been transforming in more incredible ways then I could have imagined.  One of the biggest developments on My Grateful Journey is… girlfriend Nicole.  I’ve learned many lessons along this journey, but having someone to share the ups and downs of life makes the journey that much more special.  Nicole and I took a road trip a few months ago up the coast along highway 1.  Seeing friends in Santa Barbara, stopping at random seafood shacks, and driving down roads we had never been on. It was truly an open road adventure!  We spent a few night in San Luis Obispo staying a The Apple Farm which has a old school charm with modern features, amazing staff and an incredible farm to table resturant (  We also visited the beautiful Tolosa Winery which is run entirely on solar power. I had my surf board strapped to the top of Nicole’s red VW bug “Ruby”, but wasn’t having any luck finding surf…..until we started heading back down the coast and pulled over at one of our last spots .

The coastal drive  along Highway 1 is one of the greatest ocean drives in the world and a perfect place  to have an open road adventure! #Goforit

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