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In the tube

Backpackers and travelers come to Vang Vieng, Laos to hang out at the river and party. The town is famous for the tubing. Getting an “In The Tube” tank top (singlet or vest for my Aussie and British friends) is a must for any backpacker. Though, the majority of the people I talked with hadn’t rented a tube. After renting a tube my first day, but not making it past bar 4 I didn’t rent a tube again until my last day. I vowed to make it all the way down the river. Or at least past bar 7.

I thought the river would be a little more crowded than it was. Since it’s the end of dry season the river was low and I had to do some nifty moves to navigate the rocks.

I had an awesome day on the river. I did two of the big slides, but the video didn’t record. Check out my video and pictures from the day.

Tube 2

Tube 1

Tube 3

Tube 4


You can see me at the top of the slide.

Tube 5