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I get around

Lunch stop in Laos

Traveling on the Stray bus in Laos we make stops at random little towns for lunch. It’s been a great way to see how locals live and also sample some of the food.

Let’s get wet!

Laos car wash

Love This!!!!!


Jail house rock

For $5 I was happy to do my part to help rehabilitate a female prisoner in Chiang Mai. The massage was really good, and the facility was great. They even served us tea at the end. I never found out why my masseuse was on lock down, but she did call me “sexy boy” a few times. That was nice : )

Dear Mom,

As I’m writing this you’re boarding a plane headig back to LA, and i’m on to the next chapter of My Grateful Journey. Spending the past two weeks with you in Bali has been a very special treat for me. To experience the beauty and culture of this magical island with you is something I will always cherish. I’m so blessed and grateful to have always had such amazing love and supprt from you and dad. Thank you.

I get my sense of adventure, creativeness and curiosity from you. As you always say (with a big smile) you’re packed and ready. I might not have understood it growing up, but traveling with you has always taught me to go with the flow. Over the years we’ve had some great adventures. Where to next?

Bali wasn’t just about you coming to see me, it was also a way for you to visit your cousin Sheila. She’s an amazing woman herself, who we both learned from. Watching the two of you was like seeing two best friends together and not cousins who hadn’t spent much time together. It was wonderful to see you smile, laugh, dance, and enjoy yourself.

The journey I’m on has nothing to do with traveling and everything to do with being open, appreciating every moment/experince, and being grateful for the life i’ve choosen to live.

I always looked at coming to Bali as a way to re-energize, relax, and reflect on the journey i’ve been on. I’ve done plenty of all of that. It’s been amazing! Having you here and being able to share pictures, videos, stories, and lessons from my travels has been surreal and awesome!

As you head home and I continue on this journey, I realize the journey never ends, it just changes. Change is a good thing.

Give Dad and Babs a big hug for me.

I promise I’l be home soon, not sure when or for how long, but soon.

I love you!


My favorite traveling buddy


Mom and I in Ubud during the Ogoh-Ogoh parade for the Nyepi holiday

After a morning of diving and snorkeling


Mom and I at Bratan Temple

Mom, myself, and cousin Sheila




Rolling around Gili T

Great message